Silverstein no.1: Little Pig's Treat

Shel Silverstein's poetry is whimsical and fun. Many people do not recognize his talent, both as a poet and cartoonist. While his poems are massively popular among children, they can and should be appreciated by teens and adults as well. Many of them contain lessons that even the wisest among us should hear again. Others are simply satirical. In appreciation of his work, his poems will be posted sporadically within this blog.

Said the pig to his pop,
"There's the candy shop.
Oh, please let's go inside.
And I promise I won't
Make a kid out of myself
If you give me a people-back ride."

-Shel Silverstein, Falling Up

Oh, Silverstein. You are amazing.
Sorry about the break in the posting. Stupid finals. Review coming up this afternoon.

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