Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana is a witch in The Love for Three Oranges, an opera by Prokofiev. Fata Morgana (chord) is also found in Hillary DePiano's The Love of Three Oranges: A Play for the Theatre That Takes the Commedia Dell'arte of Carlo Gozzi and Updates It for the New Millennium. She also happens to be a "sorceress in Arthurian legend", possessing a magical tree house that can transport its inhabitants to distant lands and times (Morgan le Fay).

In the world of meteorology, Fata Morgana is a superior mirage that has incited countless UFO sightings and is a likely explanation for the Flying Dutchman. It was so named because the mirage was believed to be created by the sorceress to lure sailors to their deaths.

Finding Fata Morgana in a satirical comedy and a twenty-year-old meteorology textbook is thrilling.

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Hillary DePiano said...

You have me laugh most verily with your "Fata Morgana (chord)" so I thank you. :-)

Yinan said...

Your play is hilarious. Thanks for reading!