David Almond: Clay

My Rating: 2 of 5 stars
General Placement: 1000+
Genre: YA "Seriously Messed Up" Fiction
Shipping Weight: 13.6 Ounces
Pages: 256

Fourteen-year-old Davie and his best friend, Geordie, are altar boys at their local Catholic Church. They’re full of mischief, but that all changes when Stephen Rose comes to town. Father O’Mahoney thinks it would be a good idea for Davie and Geordie to befriend him—maybe some of their good nature will rub off on this unhappy soul. But it’s Stephen who sees something special in Davie. Stephen’s a gifted sculptor. One day as Davie looks on, Stephen brings a tiny figure to life. It’s a talent he has, the gift of creation—and he knows that Davie has this talent, too. Davie allows Stephen to convince him to help bring a life-size figure to life—and Clay is born. Clay is innocent, but Stephen has special plans for him. What has Davie helped to unleash on the world?

My Thoughts
All I can say is that David Almond writes creepy fiction. I suppose he is extremely talented in that respect. The premise is genuinely frightening and certainly original. His writing is very vivid and frighteningly realistic, but he has succeeded in scaring the crap out of me. The book itself is remarkably written and massively intriguing. Objectively, it deserves a relatively high rating. However, for me, once a book crosses the line into "seriously messed up", I cannot possibly give it a good review. One may argue that the utter horror felt by the reader may be a sign that Clay is a "good book". That's a valid point; Almond is obviously extremely adept at writing this genre.

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