Jesse Kellerman: Potboiler

A literary “potboiler” is bad fiction. It is fiction written hastily to earn money, at the cost of literary “worth.” Unfortunately, many modern novels are potboilers, especially thrillers. Most new thrillers are written entirely for entertainment purposes, as distractions. They feature cliché-ridden writing, unbelievable plot twists, weak and “flat” characters…

There seems to be no hope for the thriller genre. And then Jesse Kellerman writes a pseudo-thriller that is thought-provoking, satirical, and actually more thrilling than some self-professedly “hardcore” thrillers. Kellerman has done something outrageous, something unbelievable.

Potboilers are the norm. But somehow, Kellerman has written truly thrilling, truly hilarious, truly affecting fiction that pokes fun at potboilers and hack writers everywhere. He is a genius.

Potboiler is a thrilling parody of the modern thriller. It will make you shiver, think, and laugh out loud. And marvel at Kellerman's winning skills.

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