Kim Brown: Two Fools and a Cat

Two Fools And A Cat
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
General Placement: 1000+
Genre: Adult "Adventure and Epiphany" Fiction
Shipping Weight: Not Sure
Pages: 190

Two brave women prove that to live a real life adventure, they only need to take the first step. Giving into an urge to see the world, they take their cat and move onto a sailboat in California. After a year's preparation they set sail into the Pacific Ocean. Three months later they arrive in Florida after sailing 1500 miles down the Baja coast, across the Sea of Cortez, and driving an old pickup truck 2000 miles across Mexico and the southern United States.

My Thoughts
Writing-wise, this book was lackluster. Maybe the author had intended it to be this way; maybe ships' journals aren't supposed to be literary masterpieces. However, the sense of adventure is not lost in the suspect syntax. This book reminded me of the sentiments within The Perks of Being a Wallflower, how one can feel "infinite." Brown thoroughly conveys the excitement of taking risks and doing the impossible.

The title was captivating; I thought it was a Bible reference or something. So I was expecting more in the way of literary fiction. Turns out the book is actually about two fools and a cat. Also captivating was the cover. It was beautifully executed.

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