Jeffrey Zygmont: I am Bill Gates' Dog

I Am Bill Gates' Dog
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
General Placement: 500+
Genre: Adult "Funny Animal" Fiction
Shipping Weight: Unknown
Pages: 216

We once knew Bill Gates as a plundering businessman who became the richest guy alive. Today he's a noisy philanthropist. Imagine that, inbetween those two identities, billionaire Bill Gates runs a secret campaign to buff up his public image. Then imagine that that some invading canines interrupt his plot to manipulate public opinion. It's a mess. Gates schemes above. The dogs battle below. These canines have ambitions too, you see. Each yearns to become Bill Gates' Dog, so each slyly maneuvers to undercut his kennel-mates and win the prize. Only one noble pooch deserves it. But he's just a mutt. His rivals are highfalutin aristocrats who slap down the no-status mongrel. But remember, Bill Gates rules the kennel. 

My Thoughts

I've been impressed with Jeffrey Zygmont's writing; it is remarkably clear. Unfortunately, this style equates to a lack of imagery and, sometimes, character development achieved almost exclusively through dialogue, but the writing is clear, and it is a pleasure to read.

That being said, however, this is one heck of a simple story. Zygmont claims that his writing is for people possessing rebellious impulses. I don't think that his writing in the book is as provocative as advertised. The book is simply not deep enough for anybody, rebellious impulses or no, to find any true substance in its story about love-sick dogs feuding over an oblivious female. The addition of Bill Gates into the mix is interesting, but it doesn't make the book any less shallow. Or perhaps I'm just too shallow to recognize the true deep nature of this novel.

The satire in the novel is very appealing, very humorous. I felt that it kept me reading during places where the plot wasn't extremely interesting. It's not by any stretch of the imagination hilarious, but it made me smile. Smiling is good.

So overall, this a nice, light tale with a ridiculous premise and a nice dose of satire. It's not extremely thought-provoking, but it certainly is entertaining. Zygmont's voice is very appealing, and his works so far have been extremely satisfying. I enjoyed Ad Man in the Games of 2046 immensely; Zygmont is definitely very talented at writing quirky, intriguing stories.

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