Joe Klein's Editorials

Joe Klein, a political columnist at Time, has a nice photo, which is always positioned on the top right hand corner of his editorials. It sort of radiates a feeling of composure, swag, and feistiness.

Most of his editorials carry that tone. One of his recent ones, about the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and Pakistani politics, is written:

If there were a Pakistani leader with a fraction of, say, Benjamin Netanyahu's knowledge of American politics, Pakistan never would have closed the NATO supply routes to Afghanistan and demanded an apology from Barack Obama for the incident in which 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed by American fire in a cross-border artillery duel last November. For one thing, the Pakistanis fired first.

You have to love that.

His content is also great. Just the positive idea from the article (the URL is below) -- that good news has finally come from Aghanistan, and in the long run, that the US may have slightly benefited -- is novel. Too often I hear those monotonous drags about the Bush Administration's faults in the Middle East. Simple ideas are beautiful.

The only downside from reading most editorials, especially his, is that understanding them requires above-average understanding of world events. For young readers, like me, some of the political jargon just flies by.

Still, whatever's caught is superb.

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