Stupidity and Paste Magazine

People describe authors as "racist" or "sexist" or "bad". People do this to satisfy their swollen egos. Two things:

a. The author doesn't matter, because much of the time, the author is dead, and you can't really do much to hurt a dead person's feelings. And as for living authors, it's not like they actually care what you think.

b. Authors are substantially smarter than you are.

Something disgusting: Paste Magazine is doing book reviews with numerical ratings (as are countless "book blogs"). This system seems to be generally accepted for music, as major music magazines employ the numbers. In fact, I admire most of Paste's musical criticism. But it's just gross when applied to books. A lot of musicians are stupid (see their music), so it's not entirely indulgent to numerically rate albums. (A lot of musicians are extremely intelligent as well.) But the fact is that almost all of literary fiction is written by people who are massively intelligent (see point b).

And something exciting: the guitar strings on the cover art for Egan's Goon Squad are correctly proportioned in width!

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