Problems with Education

There's something about this picture that makes people happy. It's the depiction of an author who is still excited about writing, one who is motivated not by loss but by the thrill of creating worlds simply by scratching marks on a page. This is the essence of the author who sits smiling by fountains in major cities, entirely lacking in self-consciousness, deep in thought, constantly surprised, infatuated with relationship. This is why people dream of being writers, while lacking interest in the actual process. There's something very nostalgic and very exciting about that jacket and that smile and that fountain. Though that might not even be a fountain in the background. You can't even see the fountain. There's no fountain. That's John Green, by the way. The jeans are essential.

I haven't been able to write an intelligent piece on any of Green's books (thus far). But, Aahan Agrawal has pretty much succeeded in this post found in the nearly-defunct extension:


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