Bill Watterson's Guide to Congressional Politics

Texas Senator Ted Cruz laid down a 21-hour filibuster on the Senate floor this week, ranting against Obamacare, and pulling material from sources such as Star Wars and Dr. Seuss. For many, the mere acceptance of filibuster as a political tactic may hint at slight inefficiencies in Congressional operations. But Cruz's oration is interesting in that his "filibuster" wasn't a filibuster at all. From the New York Daily News -
Cruz’s speech was not really a filibuster — he wasn’t blocking anything. Cruz even voted to advance the bill he was symbolically filibustering, joining a 100-to-0 vote to take up the spending bill.
And thus the "filibuster" was merely a ploy to raise Cruz's profile as a leading anti-Obamacare Republican, another reminder that our government is run not by saints but by people.

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