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Combining the non-stupidity of the literate and the non-constipation of the teenager... since 2011.

In Jess Walter's Beautiful Ruins, failed writer Alvis Bender says: A writer needs four things to achieve greatness... desire, disappointment, and the sea. His audience, Pasquale Tursi, responds: That's only three. Alvis then says: You have to do disappointment twice. And this weblog, Disappointment and the Sea attempts to reflect that sadness found in all things great.

In Barbara Kingsolver's broken second novel, Animal Dreams, Cosima Noline returns to her home town of Grace, Arizona, struggling to make sense of her past while conquering her future as a chaser of dreams. One of her realizations serves as a foundation for much of our writing -
“The very least you can do in your life is figure out what you hope for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope. Not admire it from a distance but live right in it, under its roof.” 
There is something extremely hopeful about having one's writing read and possibly digested by strangers. Ideally, our writing will reflect this hope, this struggle for enactment of possibility. Because in our mere act of writing for this site, we are chasing that better existence, living inside that hope, right in it, under its roof.

Another facet of this blog's style derives from YA author Libba Bray. Her belief in the "Adult Literary Constipation Disorder" sort of justifies a niche in the literary weblog community for the "non-constipated" teenager.

In Appetizers, you'll find posts that we consider "high-quality" and thus worthy of the unacquainted reader's curiosity. In Contact, you will find contact information. In Archive, you will find the archive. The last tab warrants more explanation. Disappointment Extension will lead you to the extension blog, written by Aahan Agrawal, who is infinitely more knowledgeable about the world of journalism than I. His content is unfairly intriguing (pretty soon, his extension will be the main blog, and Disappointment will be the extension), and very entertaining.

Please send questions, comments, complaints, requests, and care packages to disappointmentandthesea(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you.

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